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Flags and Teardrop Banners: Outdoor Events Advertising for Windy Days

Outdoor EventOutdoor events and trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to advertise your business directly to your audience. Print advertising, particularly banner advertising, is still a highly-effective medium that pulls audiences to your products, services or events.

Traditional banners have always been used outdoors, but they are not always the best option for windy conditions. It can be difficult to secure a banner against strong winds, for it may tear or be blown away completely.

Some advertisers cut triangular holes, called wind vent holes or slits, into their banners to prevent wind damage. These holes look unattractive and can mar the appearance of your banner, making it look unprofessional.

While traditional banners still have place in outdoor advertising, there are better options available. Flag and teardrop banners are specially designed with windy conditions in mind.

Wind-Proof Designs

In advertising, a flag is a type of banner in which a piece of material is attached to a pole or a string. A flag can have a horizontal or vertical orientation on the pole it is attached to and can show anything from simple shapes and colours to more complex graphic design. They are an eye-catching alternative to banners and do well in outdoor situations, fluttering in the wind.

If you want something a bit more stable, teardrop banners are another alternative. These resemble flags but have an inverted teardrop design. They are wider at the top, tapering to a point towards the bottom.

Teardrop banners maintain their shape even without the presence of wind. Unlike regular flags, all elements remain visible and are always easy to read. This type of banner has a specially moulded pole that curves over the banner, keeping it in place.

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You can secure both flags and teardrop banners by embedding them into the ground or by placing them in a flag mount. You can also purchase water-weighted or flat-weighted bases.

Marketing BrainstormingMaximizing the Impact of Flags and Teardrop Banners

Flags and teardrop banners are simply perfect for any windy outdoor events. They are especially popular for use on beaches, at resorts and at sporting events. You can also use them effectively at trade shows, store openings and pop-up stalls at craft fairs. Teardrop banners are especially eye-catching because of their unusual shape.

Print design, especially outdoor banner advertising, is still a good option because of its tangibility — a physical display seems more authoritative and does wonders for solidifying your brand identity.

Your choice of graphics plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of your print design. To maximise the impact of your banners, you will want to use simple graphics and minimal text. Make good use of bold colours and always prioritise legibility. You want something easy and memorable to read. is your top choice for custom teardrop banners and flags. They offer full colour print on both sides of the banner, faithfully recreating your designs for maximum brand exposure. They offer a 7–10 day delivery service and a price-beat policy for all of their products. They also offer free graphic design services with unlimited revisions. Display everything you need with their custom teardrop banners.

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