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Four Measures to Take Before Workplace Violence Happens

office violenceAs a responsible employer, you need to protect your employees from violence that may arise in the workplace. While you don’t normally report to your office expecting something violent to happen, it pays to keep in mind that violence can occur in any workplace at any time. This can cause negative effects on the management, your employees, and even their families.

The key to avoiding violence in the organization is to establish highly efficient prevention measures. Below, Aurora Pictures shares some recommendations on what to do before workplace violence happens.

Create policies on harassment

It is important to have a policy on preventing harassment, which is a common form of violence in the workplace. Involve each level of the organization when establishing codes of conduct. Once finalized, make sure everyone in the organization understands the rules and protocols. Carefully impose sanction for violators.

Open communication lines

Communication is important in any organization. Make sure lines are open between your employees and you or other higher officials in the company. Allow each member to communicate during regular work group meetings. Let them voice out concerns and problems involving their co-workers. Meetings are a great avenue to disclose opinions, settle issues, and clear misunderstandings.

Provide support services to victims

Victims of workplace violence, be it of a minor case of bullying or serious ones such as grave threats, should be provided with support service. Make sure you can offer support when the case escalates to indemnity claims and legal matters. Women, for instance, who are common targets of workplace harassment, should be given the necessary protection and support.

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Promote awareness through training

Training sessions on the prevention of violence can help a lot in the awareness of each member of the organization. Video-based training materials on workplace violence protection are now available to provide resources. You can also find web-based courses to help you in providing information to your employees.

Violence in the workplace can cause bigger problems to your workforce and to your company as a whole. But, with proper handling of employee concerns and efficient implementation of rules, you can keep a healthy and violence-free environment.

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