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From “Rapunzel Mom” to Kim K: Ultra-Long Locks are Trending

Attention, long hair lovers! Ultra-long locks are making a comeback, and everyone from moms to celebs is embracing the trend.

Popularized by Cher in the 70’s and 80’s, waist-length locks rose to fame because of its effortlessly fashionable style. It perfectly combined chick sleekness and flower child freeness while being low-maintenance.

With the “Cher Hair” back on the beauty scene, people are flocking to online stores to purchase clip in human hair extensions to enhance their natural mane. Here’s how different women wore their ultra-long hair:

The “Rapunzel Mom”

For 28-year old Lianne Robinson, long hair simply never went out of style. Robinson hasn’t had her locks chopped in 17 years, and now they’ve grown four feet, measuring nearly to her knees. She said her blonde locks are a hit among fairy-tale obsessed youngsters, and she never leaves the house without anyone flagging her down, as kids think she’s Rapunzel.

Little aspiring princesses weren’t the only ones fascinated by her tumbling locks. Lianne now has over 12,000 Instagram followers, who all love her shiny, healthy hair.

Kim K and Nicki Minaj

Kim’s pin-straight locks have always been part of her signature look, but recently, the beauty bellwether has been sporting strands that went all the way down her bottom. Nicki Minaj, meanwhile, upped the game a notch when she rocked knee-length locks.

Long hair is all the rage, and stylists recommend enlisting the help of some extensions instead of trying to grow out a mile-long mane. According to celeb stylist Brittan White, the secret behind long, luscious Hollywood locks is a properly maintained set of hair extensions. At night, put the extensions in a loose braid or use a silk pillowcase to help with the maintenance.

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Clip-ins offer the easiest way to get the “Cher Hair.” By combining proper care with the right styling tools, it’s super easy to transform them into mermaid hair and then back to pin straight.

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