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GoFundMe Now Valued at $500M Despite Being Bootstrapped

gofundmeCrowdfunding website, GoFundMe, was created in 2008. Their ambition was housing fundraisers all over America and bringing them closer to those that have the resources to back causes and movements significant to them.

People all over America have turned to these platforms to create engaging and relatable causes for more people to fund their needs. As harmless as it is, sites like GoFundMe, IndieGoGo, KickStarter, and the like have created global change by investing in ideas that lack the right resources for growing.

Despite their autonomy, the company has seen high valuation estimates—showing how widely known and interested the big people are in them.

A site that generates attention is one thing. One that generates money at the same time is a gem.  With GoFundMe’s availability and hype building, more startups are now less hesitant to pursue and launch their own businesses.

Accel Partners

With GoFundMe available on the market, sources are saying Accel Partners is leading in the round and might have a value of almost $500 million.

Accel Partners is a dedicated partner to business startups that need the right resources and funding to properly direct their growth in their respective industries.

So, it is not a surprise that they have an interest in pursuing the funding of the said website.

However, this still may not be true, as the company may just be creating a buzz and interest among investors and interested buyers.

Amidst other crowdfunding sites, GFM houses campaigns more focused on education and aid—an aspect closely followed by other forerunners in the business, like Tilt and IndieGoGo. Both have seen higher finance ventures, while the bootstrapped site has its leg up in the minor league.

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High Valuation

It is surprising for most that the fundraising site can garner that much attention and value–$500 million. However, it was not impossible for them to become a sought-after site, given the attention and money it rakes in.

Among many statements is that ‘GoFundMe’ is very profitable—a determining factor in the crowdfunding site’s valuation.

With doubts and speculations surrounding their credibility more people have grown curious and interested in their move to be bought out and funded by a third party.

Its high valuation only ensures the presence of venture capitals looking to fund startups in different industries, and build stronger ties with each of them, that will then secure a large network to improve business connections.

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