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Gold Coast Companies: Focusing on Fewer Options for Clients?

Gold Coast, BrisbaneThe Gold Coast is home to people who know what they want—from coffee to vegan food to houses. 

Don’t get it wrong. The Gold Coast offers variety. But baristas and food establishments are trimming down their offerings, and it’s not hurting anybody. 

The reason? The Queensland city is catering to people who already know what they want. 

Coffee, milk and ambience 

Owners of beloved coffee shops in the Gold Coast shared the number of milk options they have in store, and the number ranges from five to seven. Plenty as that may be, for coffee connoisseurs, that will raise a brow. 

Andrew Whiting of Elk Espresso and Sparrow Eating House says they’ve got to ‘draw the line somewhere’. Mark Hutton of Hide N Seek Espresso has a similar sentiment, stating, ‘I think the best bet is to keep it simple’. 

Just two kinds of milk will do, but for diet restrictions, baristas keep the list a little longer. But not long enough to overwhelm customers who don’t know what they want yet. The trimmed offering mirrors everything else Gold Coast presents to its residents: options, but not an overwhelming number of them

Aim—and don’t miss

Food establishments offering vegan variety are also doing a similar thing: The Gold Coast Bulletin opened a poll asking for the best vegan diners in town. For restaurant owners, depending on the results, this will help them focus on the options people actually want to eat. 

For real estate companies, the change is a little more subtle. From traditional ways of marketing properties, they are branching out to online advertising and videography. For the tech-savvy throng of house buyers, PlatinumHD says this is a convenient move that brings down their options to two: watch the video and buy or not.

A video done right should already highlight the house's features, eliminating the need to call a real estate company to ask questions. It also serves as a virtual open house. With the video playable at any time, it's like an endless open house. Any business analyst will applaud this move, considering an experiment that says fewer options actually lead to better sales

Baristas don’t just choose the milk depending on what they can get their hands on. They think about the needs of their customers, of course. For every business to thrive—whether that’s a restaurant, a property management firm or a web design company—it pays to look into what will make things easy for their customers. 

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