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How Can You Improve Click-Through Rate?

Click-Through Rate in DenverA low click-through rate is like a death sentence for a campaign because of poor conversions. How can you make a sale when no one is clicking on the adverts? You need to change your strategy or implement certain techniques to get more clicks.

Use the Special Offer as the Headline

According to a Denver-based PPC expert, one of the best practices of improving click-through rate is by placing special promotions in the headline. Some companies make the mistake of putting their specials in line one or two.

Putting the special offers on the headline is a good practice because this part of the ad is the first thing that a potential customer will see. People also love discounts as they get to save more money and get good value. Numbers on the ad also tend to perform better than using purely text.

Place the Keyword on the Display URL

Some advertisers overlook putting the main keyword in the display URL, which reduces their click-through. When you have character length restrictions, failing to put the main keywords in the display URL is a big mistake. You increase the possibility of a potential customer clicking on your link over the competition when you include the search term.

A Sense of Urgency

Countdown timers are a great addition to your ads as this elicits a feeling of urgency from a potential customer. Seeing that they’re running out of time may convince them to buy the product or service as they might miss the discount and promotion.

Using Ad Extensions

Google recommends the addition of ad extensions to boost your click-through rate. A review extension is an option to consider because it displays rankings, positive reviews from a third party, awards and others. This adds credibility and legitimacy to your claims, making it easier to make a sale.

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These are some of the ways that boost CTR and improve conversion rates. Implementing these can be a game changer in a tough and competitive niche.

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