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How to Create an Impressive CV

a woman at a job interviewA well-developed CV is one of the keys to getting a job interview. Most employers often receive several CVs in a day, making it quite a challenge for them to find the right people for design engineer positions.

An applicant’s CV is a tool that he or she can use to market their skills to a potential employer. Here’s how you can get started.

Consider Your Skills

If you want to take advantage of the job opportunities available today, you must understand how you can fully market yourself to your potential employers. You may want to spend more time thinking about how your skills and education can meet the requirements of the job. It’s also essential to search for information about the position and the company. Doing so will help the employer notice you and your skills.

However, note that each job is different from the other, and so is each company. Thus, adapt your CV to show how your skills match with the job requirements.

How to Choose the Appropriate CV Format

There are three kinds of resumes: the reverse chronological CV, the targeted CV and the functional CV. Each type of CV format has attributes that make it unique. The reverse chronological CV is generally popular with most employers since it presents your most recent experiences first and works its way backwards. Meanwhile, the functional CV displays your strengths, skills, and achievements and is perfect for applicants who have little or no work experience. On the other hand, the targeted CV presents all the skills and accomplishments under headings, making it much easier for employers to see if you’re fit for the position.

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Getting a job with the engineering field can sometimes be a struggle. That’s why it’s essential to understand how you can utilise your skills and experience to your advantage.

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