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How to Design Your Own Skateboard Park

Skateboard ParkA skate park in your own backyard is probably one of the coolest things a skater has ever dreamed of. An expert from OC Ramps notes that it’s not actually that difficult to create your own skateboard park design and put it up at the back of your house.

You will need to do a lot of planning, of course. Consider how much backyard space you have to build your ramps, grinding rails, and boxes. There’s also the budget to think of. And if you live in a place with long winters, you might want to build temporary structures you can take down when it snows.

It’s also important to check with your city’s zoning laws. Local bodies might have rules for “accessory” structures. If you’re thinking of charging a small fee for neighborhood kids to use your park, the rules will be stricter.

Now, that said, here’s what you need to do to build a backyard skate park.

1. Pull out the grass

If your backyard is full of grass, that won’t do. You need to pull out every single blade and replace it with concrete. If you’ve never worked with concrete before, you might have to enlist the help of a professional to do this for you.

2. Build grind components

Grind rails and ledges are a skateboard park staple. Here is where you perfect your ollies and toe grinds. Grind ledges have a long metal or PVC rail, two short metal legs, and stabilizing wood or metal boxes. You might have to do some welding to put them all together, or you can buy DIY kits that don’t require welding.

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3. Build concrete bowls

All the coolest skate parks have concrete bowls. If you want one for your own, you can simply use a round-bottomed pool – provided everyone else in the house agrees. Simply drain the pool and you’re done. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to build one yourself. You can either dig down or pile up using a backhoe, before making the wooden frames and pouring them over with concrete.

4. Use spare items

Arrange objects such as crates, picnic tables, and benches around your skate park. You can also place sheets of plywood to build ramps across obstacles such as sand and gravel. Finally, make your skate park your own and decorate it with spray paint and stickers.

Don’t forget about safety, which should be part of building and using a skate park right from the start. Don’t build 20-foot halfpipes if you’ve never skated them before, and make sure there are no trees or electric lines in the way. Once your park is built, make sure everyone who gets on it wears helmets and pads.

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