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How To Keep Your Horse Feed Fresh

Horses waiting for the feedThough horses are known for being strong, hard-working animals, their digestive system is surprisingly delicate. As such, it’s not enough that you’re feeding your horse quality feeds; you should also make sure that the feed you give them is clean and safe to eat.

Here are three tips on how to keep your feeds fresh and safe to eat:

Buy the Feeds from a Reliable Dealer

Whether you’re feeding your horse grain, hay, or protein bars, it pays to purchase your horse feeds in NZ from a trustworthy dealer like Takanini Feeds. Keep in mind that how the feeds are processed plays a significant role in determining their longevity and susceptibility to mould. Reliable dealers see to it that only well-processed feeds get to their shelves.

Clean Storage Areas and Feeding Bins

How you maintain your storage areas, as well as your feed bins, matters a lot. Rat faeces and urine will not only create humidity that could destroy your feeds but could also lead to serious equine ailments such as colic, salmonellosis, leptospirosis and moon blindness just to mention a few. That said, invest in pest eradication services if the need arises. Create a dependable schedule for cleaning the feed storage areas and the feeding bins.

Discard Leftover Feeds

Leftovers are often damp, and are the perfect breeding place for mould. Thanks to the harsh economic times, most people choose not to throw away leftovers inside the feeding bin. A good way to avoid waste is by measuring the amount of feeds you want to give your horse before filling your feeding baskets.

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Before buying your feed, make sure the feeding bins are clean and dry. Inspect your store and your containers and make it a point of getting them cleaned using commercial sanitizers before you bring in your feed. Also, ensure that the bins are laid out in the sun to dry, and the storage area is given plenty of time to dry out properly.

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