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How to Make The Most Out of Your Time in an Open Home

empty apartment ready for open houseWhen looking around for an apartment to buy, it’s fairly easy to be enthralled by the smell of designer candles, soft lighting, and upscale furnishings during an open home. However, these tricks could make you blind to the faults of a property. So whether you are looking for brand new apartments for sale in Brisbane or an old, renovated one, here are some tips to ensure that you make the most of every open home you attend.

List Down All The Features You Need and Want in an Apartment

Bring this list with you when you go to open homes and cross or tick items in your list as you go around the property. You could utilise this later on when making decisions about what’s non-negotiable and what’s not.

Go With The Right Person

When you bring someone with you to open homes, make sure that he or she would a practical and objective sounding board and not someone that’s just going to impose their wants and needs in a property without regard to your wants and needs.

Bring a Notebook or Use Note App

As you go around the property, make notes as to what you consider great aspects and which features you don’t care for. This would help alert you the positives and potential issues you first observed in a property.

Pay Close Attention to Key Features

In general, this includes location, the neighbourhood, the ventilation and lighting, the layout, and if you’re looking at an old apartment, check for wear and tear, potential repairs, as well as the age of the appliances, flooring, kitchen, and bathrooms.

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Take Plenty of Photos and Videos

The photos of the seller are a nice reference, but these photos don’t usually show the whole picture of a property. So take lots of photos and videos so that you could review each property through your ‘eyes’.

Make Sure You Understand Due Diligence

Although some buyers are keen on tapping walls, unless you are an inspector or builder, you’re not likely to determine what it is you need to look out for. Keep in mind what would be inspected and share your concerns with a pest and building inspector. If you notice significant cracks, have an engineer inspect the property just to be sure.

Other Useful Tips

If possible, go to the open home early, be the last one to leave, go a couple of times if you’re undecided. Be firm on non-negotiables and bring someone who has experience buying apartments. Done right, you’ll leave every open home you go to a wiser and more informed buyer.

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