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How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Groom and bride at an outdoor weddingAn outdoor wedding can be a great alternative to a church wedding, especially if you want to go with a rustic, country, or nature theme. You will need to prepare more than an indoor wedding, however, given all the factors you need to consider at an outdoor event.

To help you out with your planning, you can consult the guide below.

Set Up a Tent

First of all, you will need to go to clear span tent rentals. You can use it for the ceremony itself, for the reception only, or for both. Tents can also be set up easily anywhere, and you can work with your rental company to choose which tent will be perfect for your wedding.

With a tent, you keep your guests shaded from the heat or dry from the rain.

Plan for Comfort

Aside from the tent, you will want to consider peripherals such as fans and portable air conditioners if your wedding is in summer. You can also lay down a floor surface to make the ground level for your tent and your event.

Of course, you have to rent chairs, tables, utensils, and have floral arrangements made as well.

Check the Lighting

Lighting will be important during night receptions or under opaque tents. Paper lanterns, twinkling lights, or even chandeliers can fit right into your outdoor wedding. These lights will help set the mood as well as allow everyone to see each other clearly.

With all these lights, you naturally need a generator, but probably work with an electrician who can make sure your event stays lit.

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Consider the Food and Music

Finally, you can decide on the food and the music. A catering company that has experience with tented weddings will be a great choice. For the music, meanwhile, you simply have to make sure that your research into any ordinances that forbid late-night outdoor music.

You can plan your outdoor wedding right with the considerations above, but of course, your work has only begun. Take things slow and consider all factors and you will have the best wedding of your life.

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