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Ideas for Your Next Family Photo Shoot

a family using a laptopPhotos are like paintings; they convey a thousand words and emotions in one image. You might like to immortalize a moment you shared with your loved ones through a picture.

You don’t have to settle for the basic photo op, a family photographer from Utah provides these ideas for your shoot.

The Outdoorsy Family

If you love nature and adventure, why not set your shoot in your favorite park, lake, or mountain? This could double as family time after the photographers take several photos. You can head straight to camping, swimming, running around with your kids and other activities that outdoorsy families do.

You can also choose a particular season you all agree with; the vibrant colors of autumn or a white Christmas.

Time Lapse

You can get creative with the photo shoots you take and create a memory that spans a lifetime. Some families took pictures of each other once a year for decades. This provides you with a sense of perspective of your family tree.

You can fondly look back on photos of your children or your husband or wife through the years, and see how much you and they changed.

Matching Outfits

If you and your family like to wear costumes, this is a fun theme to try. You can all dress up like your favorite cast from a movie or TV show, or as cowboys, astronauts, suits and dresses, or whatever you like. You can also change attires for each location of the photo shoot.

Remake a Scene

You can also remake a famous scene or event in history, movies, pop culture or an album cover. This theme displays your family’s personality, shared interests or hobbies. This type of shoot can be a bonding moment for everyone.

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These are some of the themes to consider for your family photo sessions. The photographer you choose can add value to the experience with his or her knowledge and skill behind the lens.

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