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Improving User Engagement with Mobile-First Formula and Ephemeral Content

social media applications on smartphoneSocial media is a powerful tool for interaction. Among digital marketers, there’s a need to keep up with this rapidly changing technology. explains that to keep ahead of the curve, businesses and marketers should be able to spot trends in social media use. At the same time, these trends may also be fast changing, so it’s better to latch on to those with long-term potentials.

Among today’s social media trends, there are those that seem like they would never revert. The rise of video use, for one, has long been predicted, and forecasts are showing more use for this type of media. Also, the mobile-friendly concept for websites isn’t going to revert to the old desktop model.

Mobile First

There are now more mobile users than desktop users. With 2.53 billion mobile users in the world, it’s understandable that almost 80% of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media site visitors use their smartphones. For website owners, this trend means a lot.

First, mobile users can go to a website at any time of the day. If the users are shopping, and they find something interesting, they can search for it. Additionally, mobile users have the ability to respond immediately. A commercial website can take advantage of this and ask for immediate action, relying on instant gratification and impulse buying to sell items.

Going Ephemeral

Twitter has hinted at ephemeral content in the way that tweets pile up on top of one another. Even Facebook uses the concept with the way their timeline is run. However, true ephemeral content came into being with Snapchat. Now known as Snap, the mobile social media allows content to disappear after 24 hours. Nowadays, the user also has the option to make posts disappear from their streams. In some way, this has led to the success of Snap as a social media.

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One reason ephemeral content is important is the way this creates excitement, making people wanting more. Making use of this quality can get Snap users excited with products they stumble upon online.

Social media is always in flux. The changes are largely evolutionary, and mobile content is a big part of the digital marketing success. More people use social media on their phones, and they can buy things at any time that they have their smartphone in hand.

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