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Instagram: The New Hotbed for Social Media Advertisement

Social mediaEven though Facebook and Twitter haven’t been long in the marketing landscape, their rise to the top was quick. After all, these two have the biggest social media presence in the world. Tweets, posts and ads can go viral in a matter of minutes, making them perfect locations to spread awareness. Very recently, Instagram also got into the social media marketing bandwagon, and it won’t be long before they succeed.

The wildly popular image-hosting site has 75 million active daily users who browse pictures all day. Thanks to popular figures using IG as their primary social media, its user base will continue to rise. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Rihanna and Chris Brown update their fans through Instagram. In return, more users feel obliged to create an account. All these equate to a marketer’s dream: a mobile user base that spends hours on the site.

Following the Parent

Facebook acquired Instagram years ago, and it’s hardly surprising that IG is following their footsteps. While it’s hard to see Instagram becoming a public company, the ad part was predictable. Ever since becoming a publicly traded company, FB turned into a hub for social media marketing. Their transformation irked many users, but the hate soon dissipated as they still offered the same services.

The same is bound to happen to Instagram, says SEO Reseller. When users have to view 30-second videos or get their view distracted by ads, the experience will diminish. But, if the top brass at Facebook are able to retain IG’s value to its users, they can minimize the consequences.

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Projected Success

IG’s parent company has been working on integrating advertising into its operation. The app-exclusive nature of the software made it hard, and businesses were restricted to regular functions. But, by rolling out CTAs such as Show Now, Install Now and Learn More, they have the foundation for a potentially successful marketing platform.

When research towards IG’s ad rollout rings true, they will overtake Twitter in two years. That’s awfully optimistic, but considering how fervent ‘Gram’s users are, it’s worth a second look. Their connection will also help their new venture.

Instagram’s importance will soon encompass the boundary of social media. With a young advertisement platform and a bright future, it will be vital to marketers, too.

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