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Installing Interior Panels in Your Home

Bedroom with brown wall panelWhen you want to revamp or design your home’s interiors, timber wall panels should be something that comes to your mind. With multiple finishes and styles as well as excellent strength, these panels are suitable for any application. Below are the steps that go in installing them in your home:

Choose the Panels

Your panels will affect the look of your room, and you need to make certain decisions about them, such as the style of panels and the height you desire they get to. You should then measure the walls to get the exact measurements of panels that you need.

Think Extra

You might need some accessories, such as rails, to finish the look of your panels. Pro tip: Getting them from one supplier assures you of accessories compatible to your panels.

Prepare the Wall

Panels are effective in concealing unappealing wall surfaces. However, you cannot install the panels on a naked wall. You will need to fix a substrate layer that will act as a base for your panels.

A primer first prepares the painting surface before going in with paint. If the first layer of paint does not please you, you may go in with another layer after the first dries off.

Fix the Panels

There are different methods of fixing panels on your walls, such as the use of glue or nails. When using nails, you should be careful about creating grooves on your panels that will show. Your supplier can advise you on the best method to use in fixing the panels.

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Installing timber wall panels in the interior of your home will take time, but at the end will be worth every dime and time you spend to get the right style. Strategic planning and hiring the right contractor will influence the overall look that you will get in your home.

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