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Is it Possible to Install a Modern Air-Conditioning at an Old Home?

Air conditioner at a houseOwners of vintage houses often grapple with the idea of installing an air-conditioner due to the design and structural complexities of old properties, but there are several solutions to this concern.

For instance, a split system air-conditioner installation cost in Sydney will depend on the type of unit. You may spend at least $899 for a Fujitsu unit with a C2.5kW H3.2kW reverse cycle split system. If you plan to put it on a wall, the price of installation may cost $600 per hour.

Installation Factors

The right kind of unit often serves as a challenge for vintage homes, as these properties normally lack space for installing traditional ventilation systems. Some service providers can work through this by running cables in conduits, although homeowners may notice that it would compromise their property’s overall appearance.

You can choose to have a multi-split air conditioning system, which provides rooms with separate units connected to an outdoor system. Take note that you may need to secure a permit from your local council if the outdoor unit will be visible from a public space or street.

Other Price Quotes

Professional installers may charge $650 per hour for a wall-hung installation of units with 5kw-6kw inverter system. Units with 7kw-8kw inverter systems may cost $700 per hour for installation, while a 9kw-9.9kw inverter system may cost $750 per hour.

Those who plan to install a Samsung 8.0kw ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning unit may spend $5,400, including the unit’s price. You may also need to secure gaps along windows and walls, as these are common factors for an old house’s poor energy efficiency.

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Always ask for price quotations from three different service providers before deciding on who to hire for installation. You should only choose a contractor with a full Refrigeration & Air Conditioning licence, or a restricted licence that allows them to install a specific system.

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