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Job Advice to Overachievers: You’ve Got to Start Somewhere

Millenials lining up for a job interview in AucklandIt is not just millennials who turn down chances for a job. In every age group and generation, there are always people who stick to the thinking that they deserve more. There is nothing wrong with that, but when it is the younger people who do that, it harms their chances. More than that, they do not start with anything. Employers like experience more than credentials, and if millennials keep declining offers, where will they end up?

This is why a good advice for them is to start somewhere, even if it is not in the field they desire. Successful people do not always start where they intended to, nor do they end up where they wanted. So, rather than waiting until the blue moon for the perfect job, they should scour job vacancies in Auckland and find something that will occupy their time and earn them money.

The Mysterious Future

The first step is always the most important. To take it means to do the most important thing when starting a journey. Nobody is saying that the job will be this glorious expedition through adulthood, but it will scratch the surface. Growth will also accompany this endeavour. All these just due to giving up a little bit of pride; it must be worth something even to overachievers.

Contrary to what many say, there are job opportunities everywhere. They are not always the ones that will lead to a prestigious career in politics, science or banking, but they will pay the rent and the food. What else is there when starting? There is no esteem, yet; just pure graft to make it to the top.

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Something Other than Nothing

Any job seeker, young or old, will find the weight of life too much to bear sometimes. Not being successful at finding a job is exhausting; some may even think that they will never amount to anything. It gets bad before it gets better, and any job will certainly make life a little more bearable.

In conclusion, get moving or die trying. This ‘I deserve better’ mindset cannot continue forever, and just by letting go of those standards that are beyond reach for now, a job is always there for the taking.

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