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Job Scams: Signs, Guidelines, and More

Recruiter and a male candidateScammers are everywhere. Unfortunately, they also have invaded the online world. One hurtful truth you get from this fact is many innocent and hopeful job seekers are at risk of falling into the bait at any time. However, being vigilant and informed can save one from being a victim.

Top 5 Job Scam Signs

  1. Too good to be true. If a job ad’s offer sounds too good to be true, like an unbelievably high salary, then chances are it is fake. A real job from a credible employer is always difficult to find and most of the time demanding.
  2. Too easy and fast hiring process. No matter how badly needed, employers still take the time to screen their applicants. This makes the hiring process still quite a lengthy procedure. Online interviews are not enough, let alone chat interviews.
  3. Demands money. You should not pay an employer or company to give you a job. First of all, you are searching for a job because you need to make money, and not give money.
  4. Unprofessional emails. Misspelt words and poor grammar in emails are often an indication of a job scam. A good company or employer should at least know how to respond professionally through e-mail or phone.
  5. Job requirement is too simple. Fake job postings will not make it too difficult for anyone to fall into the bait. Therefore, educational background, work experiences, age, and other qualifications do not matter to them.

Guidelines to Avoid Job Scams

  • Do a research. Always get as much information as you can about a company. However, do not always trust reviews and testimonials as they can be easily produced and written by just anyone.
  • Avoid giving sensitive personal information, including your bank accounts, credit/debit card information, and SS number.
  • Quinn Recruitment recommends looking for legitimate job vacancies in Auckland by using job sites with privacy policies.
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What to Do if you Suspect a Job Scam

If you feel that a job advertisement is a scam, you may:

  • Report the company to the Better Business Bureau
  • Go to anti-spam page by the Dept. of Internal Affairs
  • Report the fake website to Google

A legit job is difficult to find and it does not give away money that easily. Don’t be in a hurry. Take some time to know what’s ahead of you by being vigilant and informed.

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