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Know the Versatility of Clear Span Tents

Amazing tent for the partyThese days, for your event to be successful, you need to plan ahead of time, from issues such as the location, food, and so on. You can choose to do the planning on your own, but you can also ask help from an event organizer to lighten the load for you.

A temporary structure for the event would be ideal to accommodate your guests. You can look for clear span tent rentals in St. Paul, MN such as Après Event Décor & Tent Rental that could provide you with the top-of-the-line products and services to assist your event planner.

You may be wondering why you would go for a clear span tent; here are some of the reasons for you to consider.


This kind of structure provides you with an open space that makes it obstruction-free. Because of that, you can construct the interior design well without the hassle of the poles in between columns. The frame supports the construction completely, and the steel spikes secure the base to the ground.

You can enjoy a broader view of the space, most especially if you are adding a stage for the event.

Versatile characteristic

The clear span tent comes in various sizes, making it versatile that it could customize the size and shape of your event venue.  You can choose a frame to put up your venue from three meters to 60 meters.  You can change the length of the tent by 5-meter bays.

Fast and easy

You can move clear span tent easily from one place to another because it will fit any standard trailer or truck. And, you do not need a completely flat surface to set-up your tent. In other words, you can set-up the tents in almost any kind of surface. As you can see, it is fast to move and easy to install.

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There are several reasons for you to consider using a clear span tent for your next event, but knowing its versatility helps you decide.

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