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Lanyards: Your Truly Versatile Promotional Item

Unprinted LanyardsLanyards – everyone seems to wear them nowadays. You see them at schools, companies, concert venues and conventions. People use them to hold their IDs or carry their keys, or even attach them to gadgets and bags.

Along with their practical purposes, lanyards are great promotional items for businesses and organizations. They are small and discreet, but still visible enough to catch other people’s attention. They may not be as flashy as other promotional products, but they do their job in advertising your company effectively.

An Economical, Sensible Option

One of the great things about using lanyards for advertising is that it is a relatively cheap, economical option. They only consist of a thin strip of fabric or silicone, printed with your choice of graphics. Colours and designs are variable, but all in all, the basic form of a lanyard does not change—it will always be a loop of material attached to a hook or a clasp.

Since they require few raw materials to manufacture, you can order a large batch and give them away at low cost. You can give them to your employees to signify that they are part of your company, or create lanyards specific to a certain event. Because they are so economical, they are a good choice for promoting one-off events.

Practical and Versatile

Lanyards are not as transient and disposable as flyers and posters—as a wearable item, people are likely to use it again and again, potentially promoting your brand for months, if not years.

Many people wear them to show their loyalty to a certain brand or a team. This is especially popular among sports fans who display their team colours and names on their lanyards.

Colorful LanyardThey also have many practical uses. For example, the Gatwick Airport in England partnered with the National Autistic Society and other organizations to create special lanyards for persons with hidden disabilities. Travellers can wear them to alert airport staff that they may be in need of additional assistance.

Other organizations, such as WLNS, used a lanyard with a whistle and card to display water safety reminders. This proves that lanyards are useful not only for promoting businesses and organizations, but for promoting safety as well. They serve as a practical system to call attention to certain issues.

Lanyards by Dynamic Gift NZ

Dynamic Gift NZ has a wide selection of lanyards available in different widths, colours and materials. Our lanyards come in nylon, polyester, silicone and more, in nearly every colour imaginable. You can purchase plain lanyards or customise your own, from graphic prints to satin appliqués.

We know how versatile lanyards can be, so we have options that are tailor-made for a specific purpose in mind. Along with our standard neck lanyards, we offer wine glass holders, karabiner straps, phone lanyards and medals. We even customise shoelaces for marathon events and fitness companies.

We pride ourselves in providing quality promotional materials and flexible service. Contact us today to receive a quote and free artwork for a lanyard tailored exactly to your needs.

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