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Location Matters: Geotargeting Tips for Better PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaigns in SanduskyUnless you’re planning to dominate the entire world, your PPC ads don’t really have to be seen by each and every person around the globe. If the services and products you are marketing are only limited to particular countries, states, or cities, then you should focus your efforts on geotargeting your ads, states.

Geotargeting, aka local pay-per-click, is an extremely useful feature in AdWords that enables you to target your ads so that they’ll only appear to potential customers in specific locations. To get the most out of geotargeting, here are some valuable tips:

  • If you do business only in your country, then target the entire country. If your business is situated in a particular state, say Ohio, target that and exclude the other states. This way, you won’t be wasting your money on searchers that you can’t actually serve because of your business’ limitations.
  • Excluding specific locations is as crucial as geotargeting them. For instance, if you only ship to places in the Mainland U.S., target only those, and then exclude Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Including regional search terms is also vital. For instance, a marketing company in Ohio can include search terms such as “marketing company Ohio” or “Ohio marketing company”, or if you want to be more specific “pay per click Sandusky”, and so on. This will ensure that only local searchers will see your targeted ads.
  • If possible, consider including the target location’s name in the title of your ads so that when search query of users matches your text ads, your relevant ad texts will be shown in bold and will stand out among other similar ads on the page.
  • Incorporate call and location extensions in your targeted ads so that potential clients will be able to contact and find your business more easily.
  • Use Google Trends to obtain regional insights on your customers. Google Trends will show you customers who are looking for specific keywords by city, state, or country.
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Utilize these geotargeting tips to prevent wasting your budget on useless clicks from those not within your target area. You will also increase the possibility that you can actually service those people clicking on your carefully crafted, geotargeted ads.

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