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Lorne Asian Noodle Dishes to Try

Asian Cuisine In LorneSimple yet flavourful. Sometimes with creamy, meaty broth, others pan-fried or stir-fried. Add to it fresh Oriental ingredients and you've got a savoury Asian noodle soup.

In Lorne's restaurants, you can sample these homegrown Asian gourmets any time of the day. Among them is cuisine from Southeast Asia such as the following:

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a rice noodle cooked in fish sauce and tamarind juice. Shrimp, tofu, and bean sprouts are added together with scallions and chillies. Squeeze on to it lime and mix it to round up all these freshly cooked ingredients. Chicken can be substituted for prawns. 

Mee Goreng

This yellow egg noodle dish tastes tangy and spicy with a little blend of sweet taste. Its meaty flavor comes from tender beef strips. Crisp vegetable tops it.

Char Kway Teow

Being a popular noodle dish from several Southeast Asia, it has several versions. One version you can sample in Australia is being cooked in Indonesian sweet soy sauce mixed with chicken, oriental vegetables, and chillies.

Asian noodle dishes are filling with meat choice, vegetable mix, and noodle itself, that a single order served generously can make two tummies happy. 

Of course, munchies like spring rolls, dim sims, dumplings, Japanese sushi, and chicken satay skewers are not to be missed. Prepared homemade and paired with authentic Asian sauces, these you can enjoy for appetiser or pair with fried rice.

Other homegrown selections prepared as is, or with a twist, are rice dishes such as nasi goreng, summer sunset, Hokkien Oriental vegetables with flat rice noodles, and soup, and salad.

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Asian noodle bars in Lorne are favourite casual dining spots for a solo diner that like to it big, couples that like to share meals, or group as if sharing a homemade meal. While locals already know about it, tourists consider it a great find for its tasty, homemade, and affordable Asian food treats. Take away boxes are ready during peak hours.

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