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Love Making Someone Else’s Day? Here’s an Option for Working from Home

woman working from home and sitting at her desk The industry of special events has seen a boom in recent years. Why wouldn’t it, when paying an events planner usually means you can spend your time enjoying the celebration instead of getting stressed?

What it entails

Events run the gamut of everything from birth to death. You can choose to handle all of them or specialise in just a few, but the expectations are the same. You must know your client’s vision and figure out how to make it happen. You’ll also need to find the right people to provide specific services necessary to ensure your client’s needs are met, if not exceeded.

Getting started

Pursuing an events management certification can help prove that you’re a professional. Other event planners start by working from home, advertising through word of mouth. The latter reduces your initial costs and helps you stay focused on learning the ropes and getting the job done. You’ll then need to pay for licenses, permits, and you may want to put some money into card and brochure printing. This makes you look more professional and allows potential clients to find you easily whenever they need your service.

Service and payment

Are you focusing more on social events or corporate ones? This determines the flow of your hours and how many events you can expect to put together in a month. Planning and coordination take a great deal of time—the bigger the event, the longer the preparation time. All phases from planning to execution are included in the service rendered so don’t forget to charge accordingly. Those starting out often charge less than those who have had years of experience. In addition, whenever you hire other suppliers for the client, you can include a mark-up fee as your service charge.

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Should you choose to enter this business, remember that time is the most valuable commodity you own. Manage it well, and you can easily succeed in events planning—and give your clients the memorable events they deserve.

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