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Manage Hospital Inventory Easily Using Cloud-Based Technology

Hospital InnovationOne of the most important aspects of anyone’s life is healthcare. Whenever you are sick, you go to the hospital to avail of quality healthcare. However, patients sometimes have to struggle with rising health care costs.

Healthcare providers like hospitals are faced with multifaceted interconnected and interdependent processes. Aside from ensuring the patients’ well-being, have to contend with rising operating costs, health insurance claims by patients, and many other financial-related issues. Because of this, it is easy to overlook many things, which may result to further burdening the patient in terms of healthcare costs. Fortunately, Software as a Service applications like the six sigma software is making it easier for healthcare providers like hospitals to be more efficient to drive down healthcare costs.

What is It?

It is a management principle of efficiently managing resources, reducing waste and automating the entire process for everyone to use. Hospital processes, like inventory management, are enhanced or fixed by the Lean Six Sigma application so they do not suffer from oversupply and wastes. As a result, healthcare quality will improve and, as ASQ revealed, will translate to increased patient satisfaction.

Expired Items

Bear in mind that many of these inventory items have an expiration date, at the end of which means that you can no longer use them. This will transform oversupply into waste in the long run. Guess who is paying for all that? Yes you, the patient.

What Benefits Can the Hospital Get from This?

There are a lot of benefits that LSS can accord a healthcare provider organization. For one, it will eliminate the instances of oversupply of healthcare materials like bandages, medicines, and much more. It takes into account the number of patients the hospital is caring for, both admitted and outpatient, then establishes a threshold of the amount of supplies needed for them. When particular supplies reach a certain amount, the software immediately informs hospital officials so an order can be made.

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Other benefits that this software application can offer include eliminating the waiting time for lab results and such. Most of all, this software allows hospital staff to focus more on patients’ condition instead of mulling over minuscule things like the number of bandage rolls the hospital still has. When waste is minimized, expenses will be driven down. This can potentially also lower the cost of quality healthcare.

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