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Moving Out: Vital Advice for Efficiently Boxing Your Belongings

Man carrying three boxesAn important part of moving is completing the proper packaging and organization of your belongings. Knowing where each item is usually helps with re-organizing your possessions in your new home — especially the more fragile and delicate furniture or gadgets.

With this in mind, here are some helpful boxing guidelines from expert van line companies that you can apply during your relocation.


Identify what kind of boxes will fit your items so you can purchase them following your pre-set categories. Remember, there are different kinds of boxes you can use depending on your needs.

For instance, light loads could go in carton boxes, and the heavy stuff can be kept in crates. You can also strengthen your storage unit by covering the bottoms in strong tape or adding newspaper inside.


Categorize items according to areas in your home, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and so on, and then label them accordingly. Another option is to classify them according to size and material, and then make an itemized list, which you can attach to the boxes.

Once you move your belongings to your new house, it’s easier to know where each box goes. Also, make the labels readable even from a considerable distance. With this tip, you avoid opening and unpacking from the wrong box, saving you time and effort.


For furniture and larger appliances, organization should also be taken into account since you need to distinguish which of them can go together in one crate or truck. Some electronics and appliances should be handled with care, especially the sensitive ones, such as LED TVs, game consoles and home computers.

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Bubble wrap and foam packaging could also cushion delicate electronic gadgets. Finally, inform your hired van line moving company about your fragile items beforehand so they know which packages need special care.

Indeed, any move can be very exhausting, but there are ways around it. Proper organizing and packing can make everything less stressful. Keep the pointers above in mind and, with the help of your whole family, you can eventually have a smooth and swift relocation.

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