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Must-Try Troubleshooting Steps for a Non-Opening Garage Door

Man fixing the garage doorWhen your garage door doesn’t open, this doesn’t mean that you should panic right away. Yes, you should be concerned, but know that in many cases, a few properly-performed troubleshooting steps is all it takes to have it back up (or down) running.

Give these steps a try first. However, in case you’ve already exhausted them, and you still have the same problem, know that it’s best you leave the fixing in the hands of a highly qualified Wilmington garage door repair technician.

Keep it connected

This sounds obvious, but it has happened countless of times. Many homeowners had accidentally or intentionally (and forgot about it) unplugged the door’s power source, rendering it inoperable. Of course, it’s still possible someone may have just tripped on the cord, causing it to come loose or out of the socket.

Whatever happened though, this is the first thing you should check when your garage door fails to open.

Test the power source

Sometimes, the power supply – the wall socket or wherever the garage door’s electrical cord connects to – is to blame. When you can’t find any form of damage on the door’s cable, and you’ve already made sure to firmly and securely plug it in, it’s possible that the issue already arises from a faulty power source. In this case, unplug the garage door cord and plug another electronic device in it to see if it works. Doing so can help you determine whether the problem lies in the outlet or the door.

Check the circuit breaker

Some of the older houses in Wilmington may have an electrical system that can’t accommodate all of the electrical equipment, appliances, and devices plugged in and operating at the same time. When you have so many of these items turned on simultaneously, your home’s circuit breaker may just switch off, cutting off the power supplied to your garage door. So before you panic, check the breaker to see if it tripped.

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Many times, these steps are all it takes to resolve non-opening garage door problems. However, if you’ve already exhausted them and the door still doesn’t open, it’s time you contact a professional repair technician.

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