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North Carolina Among the Best Road-Trip Destinations in 2017

Family going on a tripNorth Carolina ranked as the fourth best place for a summer road trip in 2017, according to an analysis of 50 states in the US.

The rankings for each state referred to activities, cost, and safety in each region. The Tarheel State landed on the top 10 in terms of facilities and attractions, including activities for families in Charlotte, N.C.

Summer Destination

The state ranked as the ninth best place for a road trip based on the different activities for families on a road trip. It landed as the 11th cheapest place based on gas prices, toll fees, and cost of lodging for a three-star hotel.

North Carolina’s scenery also led it to rank on top of the analysis’ list of the states with the most scenic byways. Aside from beautiful roads, there are more than enough attractions in the state that made it an ideal place for a road trip in the previous summer. Its fair weather during summer also served as another advantage.

But how do you enjoy it with the family?

Family Activity Options

Enough money on gas, food, and other expenses for a road trip are common concerns, so focus on things that most people forget on a trip. Does your child throw a tantrum when hungry? You should time the intervals of taking meals and snacks in between trips to avoid bringing too many items (aside from having to deal with the mess after a long trip).

Schedule a rest stop for bathroom breaks and while you are at it, check out some recreational facilities such as mini-golf courses or theme parks. A map on your phone may seem handy, but bring a paper map in case your GPS malfunctions during the trip.

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The best summer road trips in the country could either be in your hometown or in another state, although it may be better to see other places for a change. Where do you plan to spend your next vacation?

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