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Not Just for Men: Why the Home Inspection Industry is Ideal for Women as Well

Woman Home InspectorAccording to the 2011 Home Inspections Business Operation Survey conducted by the American Society of Home Inspectors, only 1.6 percent of all home inspectors are women. Despite the fact that men dominate it, it’s possible for women to enter the home inspection industry by training to become an inspector and starting their own business.

If you love houses but are having second thoughts on whether the home inspection is a viable career option for women, these reasons should convince you to pursue this career.

Prior Building Knowledge is Not Required

The lack of experience in construction, building, and other related fields does not automatically disqualify a woman from being a home inspector. Moreover, while many men come from the construction industry, construction and home inspection are two very different things.

If you’re looking to become a home inspector, you’ll need to take note of the educational requirements. Some states require between 80 and 120 hours of study. Achieving this goal won’t be difficult, though, as many states accept both classroom training and online courses.

On top of education, you’ll need to undergo training and then fine-tune your skills on the job like other inspectors. Many individuals, in fact, do ride-along apprenticeships and work with other inspectors to learn the craft.

Home Inspection is a Low-Cost Investment Business

Home inspecting requires only a small startup capital, which is good news for both married and single women. The small capital requirement is a good thing since women have a harder time securing funds. Apart from money, new inspectors need to have a few basic tools like ordinary office equipment, a computer with printer, insurance, a vehicle, and a few incidentals.

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Women Could Benefit in This Industry

Some women home inspectors see gender as a plus to their business. While gender bias is common in any home construction-related field, women inspectors can bring something unique, which is skills plus low intimidation.

According to home inspector Sheila Corman, being a lady helps her business overall despite the stereotypical comments coming from the clients. Corman says that as a woman, communication goes up and the intimidation factor goes down. She also believes that women can offer a unique perspective on the home inspection industry and that an opportunity exists to reassure and connect with homeowners.

Home Inspection is a Flexible Career

It’s not exactly a dream job to stay tied to an office desk. When you pursue home inspection as a career, however, you’ll find that it’s flexible and that it liberates you from the typical 9-to-5 office work.

A CIO article, in fact, says that one of the things that women desire most in a career is flexibility. Once you are a home inspector, you’ll be able to create your schedules and work as much or as little as you wish. This is a good example of a good work-life balance opportunity.

Women should not feel intimated by the sheer number of men in the home inspection industry. The industry is wide open to both men and women. Women, with the adequate education, training, and capital, can become home inspectors and succeed in this industry.

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