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Not Your Typical Pest: Bed Bug Infestations Decrease the Quality of Living, Too

A bed bugBed bugs do more than making a person itch. The cost of beg bugs can progress from one-off sleepless nights to possible homelessness.

Hams Peeler, a 23-year-old renter, had to move to a different apartment because of a bed bug infestation in his old one. That wasn’t the end of his troubles, though. After discovering that beg bugs had taken over his new residence as well, he resorted to couch surfing and ended up spending $180 on furniture and clothes.

Oliver Exterminating Puerto Rico, a provider of residential and commercial pest control solutions, says that a bed bug infestation could be very inconvenient. That’s why it’s essential that people address the problem right away.

Urban Renters: The Favorite Victim

Bed bugs have been a nuisance to mankind for several centuries. As early as 1,500 BCE, the tiny crawlers were sucking on the blood of Ancient Egyptians. Since then, they’ve traveled beyond their dark hideouts, choosing to make homes out of beddings — and young, urban renters are feeling the brunt of the infestations on their property.

SinceMillennial renters are more likely to move out than try to resolve the issue, the infestation is likely to spread with them.

Anxiety and ProblematicSleeping Patterns

A new body of research shows that bed bugs affect a person’s emotional well-being, causing them to show hypervigilance, paranoia, and fitful sleeping patterns. The findings from a survey conducted by Medill Reports (MR) on 103 participants reveal that 96% suffer from paranoia, while 88% experience insomnia. Another 70% shared having stressful and traumatic dreams after discovering they were living in a bed bug-riddled apartment.

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Financial Tolls and Social Stigmas

The financial cost of addressing a bed bug problem can be particularly stressful for residents, as well. In the MR survey, the respondents reveal spending an average of $685 on clothes and furniture replacements. On top of that, the thought of an unsanitary property can put people off and lead them to avoid the area — along with the people dwelling in it.

Bed bugs are an inconvenience, but addressing the issue isn’t that difficult. With the proper pest control, people can keep their properties safe and bed bug-free.

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