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Office Color Psychology: Which Color is Best?

Hands Holding on to Color CardsColor is a prime component of modern life’s many aspects, and this includes your office or workplace. According to world-renowned color psychologist Angela Wright, color could directly impact how you work and productive you could be in the workplace. Aside from that, color could likewise influence how visitors and clients evaluate and perceive your business.

This is why it’s imperative that you select the most appropriate color scheme for your office so that you could enhance worker productivity and present your business the best way possible to current and potential clients. Below are some basic colors and how they impact people’s behavior:


Yellow is capable of stimulating emotions, the spirit, and the ego. It’s most appropriate for offices of designers and creative people since it could rouse and enhance not only creativity but productivity as well.


Blue is perfect if your office needs mind stimulation and is perfect for offices lawyers, accountants, architects, and other professions that require significant mind work. You could also consider adding some touches of orange in the décor to add some emotion and balance in an otherwise serious work atmosphere.


Red affects the body and is associated with energy and strength. It’s perfect for fitness gyms, workplaces where builders or contractors speak with clients, as well as places that require an atmosphere for socialization, explains a top painter contractor in Salt Lake City. Red likewise stimulates the appetite, so it’s ideal for fast food places—think McDonald’, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, etc.


Green promotes balance and is best used for offices where money is the main business, such as banks. It likewise promotes reassurance, trust, calm, and balance, so it’s also perfect for spas, doctor’s offices, and hospitals.

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Keep in mind though that the above recommendations are just that—recommendations. But it’s a great starting point when trying to figure out the color scheme for your office. When looking at colors, choose which part you need the color to affect, whether it’s the body, mind, emotions, or balance, then decide on a particular shade, and how lowly or highly saturated you need it to be. Lastly, don’t be afraid of mixing colors, since colors work best when combined with other colors, and incorporating them into your décor.

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