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On Colored Vs. Clear Diamonds

Clear diamondsWhen it comes to choosing a diamond over other gems, it seems quite straightforward. People almost always go for the diamond. It is, after all, one of the rarest and most valuable of its kind on Earth. Buyers of engagement rings, therefore, frequent shops like Hal Davis Jewelers in Boise because of the aforementioned reasons.

Choosing diamonds, however, is barely a straightforward undertaking. Aside from selecting the karat, clarity level, and cut, there’s also the choice between colored and clear gems. So, which is pricier?

On the Value of Colored Stones

The general perception of the gemstone market is that whatever is rare and beautiful is valuable. This is true for the diamond. Does this also mean that a colored gemstone is pricier than a clear one because it’s rarer and has some aesthetic spunk? Not all the time.

Colored diamonds are, indeed, rare (less than 0.1 percent of mined gems, on average, are colored), but there are colored diamonds which are more affordable than their counterparts. Some colors are easier to find than others and are relatively inexpensive. Demand for specific colors, however, could raise the value of the gems because of certain circumstances (e.g. rare colored diamonds being used in high-profile marriage proposals). This is basically the law of supply and demand at work.

A Preference For Yellow

People are increasingly preferring yellow diamonds, a trend that is influencing the price of the gems. In the past, they were considered either rarities reserved for royalty or low-quality alternatives to clear diamonds. But experts claim that the rising prices of clear stones are driving yellow diamonds’ popularity.

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Women are also looking to add some “character” to their bling. While clear diamonds are still beautiful, one is hard-pressed to find a valuable gem that specifically caters to his or her personal preferences.

The Rarest Of Them All

Red diamonds are so rare, there are only about thirty truly red ones confirmed to exist. Most of them aren’t big, too; less than half a karat. This is what makes them extremely valuable. Red diamonds are only found in a handful of places, including Africa, Australia, and Brazil.

Another fact about these gems is that even if the red color is accented by something else (e.g. brown), the price shoots up. A 0.66 karat reddish brown diamond, for example, costs $30,000 per karat just because of the secondary color that acts as a modifier.

So, those who consider colored diamonds as the diamond, you better do some thorough research first before handing over that engagement ring to your partner. It might be the “most affordable” stone on the block – and she’d be wearing the same thing as everyone else.

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