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Online Advertising Revenue Reaches Almost $50 Billion

AdvertisingThe constant growth in advertising and marketing has breached boundaries. With the emergence of digital and mobile advertising, the growth every few years has since then been sustained at a double-digit pace.

With more money going into advertising, the industry has garnered a 16% hike in revenues—49.5% in 2014. This shows just how heavily invested both businesses and consumers are on the internet.

As of late, this year marks the fifth straight year of double-digit increase for the ad world, according to IAB recently released study on the Internet Advertising Revenue Report.

The Shift from Traditional to Digital

The ubiquitous presence of the internet poses as an open highway for advertisers and marketers—seeing cyberspace as another medium for reaching their market and increasing sales.

Traditional media’s market penetration is still alive; however, the digital age is quickly catching up to it. With the different gadgets that have internet access, like smart phones, tablets, and laptops, more people have turned to this avenue to get vital information as opposed to that of decades ago.

The rise of the internet has given video ads a growth of 17% costing a total of $3.3 billion, and social media’s rising by 57% and has an expenditure of $7 billion—that is besides the forethought of social networking sites being a channel for ad campaigns to reach their target audience.

Traditional media has not lost its touch yet. With the varying markets, there are also various ways of reaching them—television, print and radio being reliable tools for that.

The Rise of Search

The growth in mobile and online advertising is greatly shouldered by the power of search. With more opportunities for gathering information, digital advertising took advantage of this rise, and rode along with it.

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In that ride, mobile boomed and took off with a cost of $12.5 billion. Search and banner ads being the most invested form of advertising, followed by video and display.

The significant rise in mobile activity is one of the many reasons for cyberspace’s advertising boom in revenue, expenditure and reach—a clear sign of the shift of the consumers’ media consumption.

Alongside other avenues for growth and reach, mobile sees no limit as tech giant, Google only seeks to update and upgrade the way search functions—making it more human to optimize results and experience without sacrificing truth and credibility at the same time.

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