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As Jobs Grow, Australian Employers Need to Do More Screening

Australian companies would need to conduct more background and police checks for employment purposes since jobs rose to 12.4 million in November based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The ABS said that 61,600 individuals landed jobs during the month, which was far higher than economists’...

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3 Possible Reasons You Keep Having Problems With Working Capital

Your business can survive for a while without making profits, but when you start having problems with liquidity, you’re almost certainly on your way to collapse. Many businesses struggle with working capital for various reasons, some of which are easy to solve. So, what exactly could be the cause of...

Global Trends

The Home of The Future: Simplifying Life Through Home Automation

Today is the age of automation, where the Internet and advancements in technology play a major role in everyday life. Once upon a time, futuristic automated homes existed only in TV shows. Now, they’re here and you have the option to automate your home, too. explains that home automation...

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4 Must-Read Tips for a Productive Workstation

Most people spend eight hours a day sitting behind their desks. Many of them end their day with aches all over their body because of improper posture brought about by the improper positioning of their work tools. To remedy this problem, all companies should seek to build an ergonomic work environment...

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The Sensible Approach to Hiring You Should Implement Now

Your business’ survival and prosperity in today’s saturated market is your greatest priority. To achieve success though, you need to have the right people in your organisation, seeing that they contribute largely to the accomplishment of your business mission, vision, and goals. As such, it is important...


Fire Safety During the Holiday Season

House on fire

A U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) statistics revealed that cases of fire in the country have significantly decreased over the years. But even as the cases of fire have decreased, the risk still exists as many people often do not realize they are in doing something risky. However, you need to be vigilant...


3 Ways to Know How Much Living Space Your Family Needs

Modern living room interior

Nationally, the average household size in the Philippines is 4.6 people per household, according to the latest data from geographic information system ArcGIS. Condominiums and apartments in the metro today, however, rarely have enough space for a typical family of four, let alone for extended family....

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Inventory Damage: How it Affects SMBs

Entrepreneurs work hard to maintain the highest standards consumers expect from their products. At some point, you may likely deal with consumer complaints because your products failed to satisfy them. Inventory damage is inevitable to small businesses in the merchandising industry in Utah, but there...

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Looking to Open a Franchise? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you have been dreaming of venturing into a new business, then buying a franchise is a good way to go. There are many benefits of purchasing a franchise instead of building a business from scratch. For instance, you need not much advertising as the franchisor has already done most of that for you. Plus,...

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Why You Should Always Monitor Competitor Prices

How do you know if your business competitive or not? Other than making sure you have the right products and understanding what customers are looking for, you should also make sure your price is right. Here are some reasons why. Customers shop by price Customers would sort items by price, more often than...