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Stop, Look and Buy: Four Ways to Draw Audience to Your Booth

Event Booth

Tradeshows have been a popular marketing strategy for years. With advances in social media marketing and other forms of online marketing, you’d think this traditional setup would take a backseat in efforts of raising brand awareness. It’s true. Technology is revolutionising marketing at a rapid pace,...

Industry Leaders

Jay Z: “I’m not a businessman; I’m a business, man.”

Shawn Carter, popularly known as Jay Z, is an American rapper and businessman. As one of the most successful hip hop artists in the US, Jay Z’s net worth is at an estimated $550 million. Jay Z has received multiple awards and recognition for his music, but the corporate world also recognises the...

Economy Hub

Effective Pay Per Click Strategies for Your Business

Paid search is one way to reach your audience effectively, but if you spend money on ads without thinking about them, you will not only waste resources, but also miss out on building a strong consumer base. A clear-cut strategy enables you to boost profits, create a strong brand identity and identify...

Market Watch

The Greatest Reasons You Should Go for Metal Roofing

In Oklahoma, there are many different popular roofing materials available. From rubber to wood to solar cell, homeowners have numerous options to choose from. However, metal roofing remains on top of the list, according to figures from ROBBINS ROOFING. Less risk for snow and hail damage Although heavy...

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In Investment, Forewarned is Forearmed

Should you equate investing with gambling, you could be inviting disaster from the get-go. Had it been equivalent to throwing money only to chance, there certainly be no need to study the circumstances to make things work. For many Singaporeans caught in various financial scams however, such is a hard...

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Practical Hacks for Getting Your House Ready for Open House

First impression lasts, especially when we’re talking about real estate. How you present the property you’re selling during open house is what prospective homebuyers will remember. Presenting your house for sale properly will give homebuyers the impression that you have been taking care of it. This...

Market Watch

Brand Awareness: Using Branded Apparel to Promote Your Business

No matter your type of business, branded apparel can help in making a huge impact. Businesses endeavour to get their brand etched in people’s minds as frequently as possible and utilising branded clothing is an effective way to increase awareness of your business’ brand at every turn.  Why...

Industry Leaders

Gold Coast Companies: Focusing on Fewer Options for Clients?

The Gold Coast is home to people who know what they want—from coffee to vegan food to houses.  Don’t get it wrong. The Gold Coast offers variety. But baristas and food establishments are trimming down their offerings, and it’s not hurting anybody.  The reason? The Queensland...


Location Matters: Geotargeting Tips for Better PPC Campaigns

Unless you’re planning to dominate the entire world, your PPC ads don’t really have to be seen by each and every person around the globe. If the services and products you are marketing are only limited to particular countries, states, or cities, then you should focus your efforts on geotargeting...

Global Trends

What Exactly is a Digital Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency

Put simply, a digital agency seldom performs print work but rather it’s a field that has progressed into more than making websites. This also includes handling social media platforms, mobile, applications, podcasts, software, kiosks, and digital signage among others. It requires a comprehensive...