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How a PBM Consultant Saves Your Company Money


The PBM industry continuous to be one of the most lucrative industries in the world today. As the drug dependence of the population rises, and the supplement trend continues to dominate the health and fitness industries, the demand for PBMs keeps rising. Today, pharmacy benefits are part of every competitive...


Can You Afford That Home? Know the Truth with Your Debt-to-Income Ratio


Thinking of applying for a loan to buy a home, but not sure of how much money you can spend? Ask your lender. When estimating how much you can afford, lenders will consider both your yearly income and debts. They use this to calculate the maximum amount of mortgage payment without making your debt-to-income...


Professionals Who Can Help You Manage Your Properties

property management in Brisbane

If you own multiple properties for lease, managing them and your tenants’ concerns can be  too hard to handle on your own. This is when you should hire professionals to take some of the responsibilities, allowing you to fulfil other tasks more efficiently. When it comes to effective property management,...


Make Them Click: Manage Effective PPC Campaigns

Manage Effective PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click marketing is a surefire way to increase web traffic and convert search users into customers. The concept behind this is you pay for every click you gain from an ad that points to your site. This applies all over the Internet, from Google to social media sites like Facebook. Here are ways...

Global Trends

For Comfort and Efficiency: 2015 Design Trends That Will Rock Your Office

Design Trends for Your Office

Collaboration and innovation are today’s buzzwords in the workplace. With different industries catering to human resources, it is important to make everyone feel involved and connected. If you want to maximise each of your employees’ potential and existing skills, perhaps it is time for an office...


Private Mortgage Insurance: Do You Really Need One?

Mortgage bond

Borrowers with conventional loans — those that are not government-backed — and can’t or don’t want to pay a down payment of 20% pay PMI or private mortgage insurance. This will be communicated to you by your mortgage broker if your LTV or loan-to-value ratio is higher than 80%. Much like other...

Market Watch

Making Money from Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments

Real estate development in Australia has always been on an upswing and with this, cities such as Brisbane has become a mecca for those in search of a good property. As a matter of fact, cites that luxury estate properties are some of the best investments in the country today. If you...

Global Trends

Why Move Your A&E Practice to Australia?


An Accident and Emergency (A&E) consultant from Glasgow once told The Guardian that after working in Australia for two years, he had no plans of going back. For the last 15 years, the common practice of young English doctors is to go to Australia, work there for a year and then come back to the UK...

Global Trends

Essential Mortgage Terminology: Talk Like Mortgage Broker

Talk Like Mortgage Broker

Isn’t it a bit frustrating to come across terms that you are not familiar with? When it comes to mortgage, not knowing the common terms that lenders use will only cause you confusion. Before you ask around about home loans, you need to be familiar with the language that mortgage brokers use. Here...


Auckland Plan: Be the #1 Most Liveable City in the World


New Zealand has a star city, and it is Tāmaki Makaurau, the Maori name for Auckland. Already the Sail City lords over other NZ cities with its population of 1.4 million residents. Even Wellington, the capital of the Land next to the Land Down Under, is dwarfed by the sheer magnitude of its northern...