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Parts of the House to Inspect After A Hurricane

Aftermath of a HurricaneAfter a hurricane hits, it’s best to do a thorough check up of your home for damages. However, don’t just stop at inspecting for signs of leaks and checking your windows for any broken glass.

Here are some important things you should check on after a hurricane:


When checking your garage, you may notice that your garage door is jammed or not properly aligned within its tracks anymore. Garage door repair services in Philadelphia, PA can help fix this problem before it leads to problems such as accidents and vehicle damage.


It’s expected that your roof will carry the brunt of the force when a hurricane hits, but there’s no knowing just how bad the damage can be. After the storm, it may not be immediately safe to go up and check your roof. Wait for the weather to clear and make sure there are no broken branches that could fall on the roof while you’re on it. After which, you can inspect for broken or missing shingles. If you want an expert eye to inspect your roof, you may call a roofing company to stop by.


Though the basement is inside the house, it’s not safe from a hurricane’s effects. You need to check the basement for pools of standing water or leaks in the foundation. Your basement may also develop a mold infestation which could have adverse effects on your health.

To avoid further harm to yourself and your property, it is important that you thoroughly inspect your home for any potential dangers. Doing so also gives you a good idea on how to better prepare yourself for the next big storm that comes.

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