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Photography 101: How to Prepare for Your First Headshot

Photographer working on the headshotYour headshot is a crucial part of marketing yourself. It’s of the first things directors or producers see when they sift through profiles. Directors are very busy people. Usually, they make decisions based on headshots alone. It usually decides if you will be called into the audition room.

You may not know it, but your headshot should depict your brand, age, occupation, personality, socioeconomic background, and a lot more. Headshot photography experts in Salt Lake City note that these photos need to be as rare as you. However, the usual problem is how to achieve everything that is required and be able to produce that perfect headshot. Here are some tips that can help you nail your headshot:

Have a clear idea of what you want

Before getting everything started, you should do some research. Knowing about certain stuff, such as what character you would like to portray if you’d be putting on makeup, or which photographer fits your style. Some photographers would even ask you to go into character. Some would just aim to catch your acting range. Whichever character you’d take on, it’s better to come prepared. Despite all these preparations, you should be open to suggestions.

Plan your clothing

You just have to keep everything simple. This would help the viewers to focus on you. The best colors for this occasion are black, white, gray, navy, or burgundy. Make sure to prepare extras, just in case something doesn’t work out or you get anything dirty. Whatever clothing you decide to wear, make sure it is clean and ironed out.

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Relax and have fun

Overthinking can result in bad photos. It can make you rigid and defiant. So, just relax and trust that everything will fall into place.

Practice in front of a mirror. It may look silly, but this can help you get perfect photos. Headshots’ should sell you. It should make you identifiable when you walk in the audition hall. Aside from capturing your physical appearance, your headshot should showcase your personality and character.

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