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Plumbing is Forever: Why (Near) Perfection is Required in Designing a Plumbing System

Plumbing System in Golden, COFrom top to bottom, there are so many things you can change within a structure. The walls, windows, HVAC system, the elevator even. Retrofitting is the way if you’re going to bring an old building to this century, but there are certain aspects that you shouldn’t or simply cannot touch. The framing, for example, is pretty much set until the end.

One more area where perfect is the only acceptable standard is plumbing. There’s even a case that you should have the system designed with the future in mind. After all, the demand for efficiency will only become higher as tenants increase in number. In addition, overhauling a plumbing system of anything larger than a single-family home would be impractical, and to an extent, impossible.

This is why mechanical engineers, like Three Sixty Engineering, must be there from the start. Preventing anything in the future starts with perfection and precaution now.

A Layout to the Future

Think of a well-made plumbing layout to be a massive cost-saver in the future. By having a mechanical engineer, you’ll be able to prioritize what needs doing, like keeping the equipment room close to the facilities with heavy plumbing. They will also provide a big-picture vision, which is critical in designing a foundational part of a building.

There are more practical benefits to this effort. For one the location of the plumbing shouldn’t be over the electrical rooms, fire pumps, elevator room and other places with many live wires and current. You will also encounter challenges in the general layout of the structure, which will hinder the system. Finding a way around blockages will enable you to address tricky plumbing challenges.

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What will ultimately the biggest influencers in the plumbing system is the budget and time constraints. Everything you do now, including having an engineer by your side, will contribute to a lesser cost of operation in the future. This includes a decrease in overall maintenance, which is a big money hogger in buildings.

Like in small-scale projects, something you will find in residential properties, you won’t notice a plumbing problem until it’s already happening. It’s a lot more complicated in this, which is why a perfect start is necessary.

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