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Posh and Fab: Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Nail PolishNail polish naturally chips after wearing it for several days. Whether you always have your nails done by a professional, or you paint your nails by yourself, chipping nail polish is common and can ruin a perfect ensemble. With a few tips, you can enjoy wearing your nail polish for a couple of days.

Before you buy nail polish online, shares some tips on making your nail polish last longer:

Never push back cuticles

Pushing back your cuticles can crack your polish at the base, which makes them chipped. If you are about to change your polish, having any cuticle skin on the nail surface can interfere with the base coat. Have these ragged edges loosened by applying a softening cream and gently push these back.

Clean the surface

Left over traces of oil can ruin your perfect nail polish. Oil tends to hide under the tips and in the corners of your nails. Have these places cleaned using an acetone remover; avoid lanolin-based soaps.

Shape your tips

Most people use the wrong nail file, which destroys the delicate keratin layers. Shape your nails using a fine grit file; only work in one direction when filing. For maximum nail strength, your tips should be rounded with the corners squared. Avoid clipping, as this can crack a nail plate.

Apply a base coat

Most people who apply their own polish tend to skip the most important process, which is crucial to long-lasting manicure. The base gives the polish a place to hold on to. If you have uneven nail surfaces, shop for a base that smoothens out the roughness.

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Use metallic polish

Although lighter shades of nail polish make the chips less noticeable, it’s better to go for a metallic polish. This lasts longer compared to lighter shades. The strong film formed by metallic polishes allows it to outlast other polishes.


The more moisturised your skin and nails are, the less likely the enamel will separate from your nail. Apply a moisturising cream before bedtime and have a hand cream nearby during the day to keep your nails strong.

Don’t let chipped polish ruin your look. Apply these tips, so your manicured nails will always look their best.

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