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Putting More Weight to Promo Products: More About Connection Than Exposure

Promotional ProductFor as long as promo products existed, it has all been about getting seen. Give this to them, hand this and hand that; it is not wrong to say that a lot of promotional items have one purpose. It is not the brightest use of promo products, but it does work. This method, however, only creates one-time customers rather than loyal patrons at best. Ask anyone who knows anything about promo products and they will say that you are getting half the value you should be getting.

Today, customers do not like feeling that their only purpose is to give their money and increase a company’s bottom line. They want to feel like partners, like they are personally responsible for helping a business grow. Even in promotional products, they do not want to feel that the only thing they can do is buy.

Why This Matters for Business Owners

Despite needing customers for money, there is no need to make them feel that they are feeders for your success. On the contrary, as they will be responsible for your growth, treat them as such. As soon as they get their hands on your promotional products, make them feel like they are more like contributors than customers.

What justifies all that money that you will pour into promotional products? If developed properly, and if it is of high quality, they will keep the item for an estimated four years. That is a lot of exposure, whether you are aiming for that or not. But, in light of things, this is merely a side effect. It is still about making a connection with strangers and regular customers.

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How to Make It Possible

For most businesses, it is about having the right partner and putting the work in to create great copy/design. The former is trickier because there are so many promotional companies out there offering everything from tents to wristbands to tote bags. The important thing is to look for a company with the right history of serving their customers and providing high-quality items.

Think Dynamic GiftMarketing Products and other companies at their level. There is no doubt that their products will actually last long. Furthermore, it shows you care enough because you invested in high-quality promo items. As for the design stuff, these companies almost always have a dedicated design crew to assist. Their job is to create sketches of copies or even logos that would go with the items.

Most of the time, you will have someone helping you. Whether it is in choosing the right items or how much you need, the promotional company of your choosing becomes your partner in success.

More Than Promotion

Be creative enough and your promo products can do more than promote. You can reward customers for playing along, whether it is liking your Facebook page or actually playing a game on your website. You can also try distributing the products themselves and interacting with customers directly. This is an outbound approach and customers love this; it shows you care enough to talk to them face to face.

Real talk: this real connection will involve a significant investment on your part. But, do it right and your reward will be more than the return of your investment. You can gain loyal customers, more exposure and maybe even become a preferred brand. This is what making a connection through promo products really means.

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