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Recruitment Process: Who Finds Police Checks Vital?

Police Background CheckA business’ success is primarily pegged on the workers in the organisation. Recruitment of the best, therefore, is an essential part of a successful business. There are many players involved in recruitment, all with various duties of care to others.

To uphold their duty of care, these people should be diligent when hiring or recommending job applicants. To ensure this, all recruitment players should use a national police checking service to evaluate an applicant’s criminal history or lack of it. Here are some recruitment players for which this service is crucial.


Employers owe their investors, employees, and clients a duty of care. You should ensure you protect them from contact with any criminal in the course of working with your company. You might be held liable in some cases for endangering the lives of your employees and clients and risking your investors’ cash by hiring someone with a criminal background.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies have a legal duty to disclose any criminal histories of prospective employees to their employers. To protect your firm from litigation and eventual failure, have a criminal background check expert on your payroll. The cash you spend in retaining the services of this expert goes a long way in protecting your business’ reputation and avoiding legal issues by recommending the wrong applicant for a job.


As a referee, you must provide an accurate representation of a job applicant. Before agreeing to be anyone’s referee, get a police check on him or her. This will give you a background of any relevant information that might affect an applicant’s employment suitability.

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Most players in recruitment take the hiring process at face value. You can now understand why it is essential to get a police check on any prospective employee you would like to hire or recommend. A simple check will save you from various personal injury lawsuits due to a breach of your duty of care.

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