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SEO Tactics to Avoid in 2015

seoSearch engine optimisation (SEO) is an indispensable tool in online marketing. So many businesses have enjoyed impressive growths with the proper practice of SEO. Your business in Sydney will also experience the same level of success with the competent assistance of consultants.

Mash Media says good SEO companies do market research to create customised packages for their clients. As part of this, they will see to it that your company only implements appropriate strategies and will avoid using tactics that have lost relevance or have become ineffective. Here are some of the strategies to avoid:

  • Purchase of Links. This used to be a popular tactic, but it has lost relevance. Major search engines may even consider it a violation. Your website should not be buying links, but instead earning it through the proper strategies that include coming up with great content and providing a good user experience.
  • Overuse of Anchor Texts. Websites overused exact match anchor texts to the point that they have become ineffective and trite. Search engines such as Google had to take action against this bad practice. To maximise the potential of your links, your SEO provider will make sure that you only use the right anchor texts.
  • Poor Content Strategies. In order to have an effective SEO campaign, you must have a good content strategy. Gone are the days when you can produce content through spinning or duplication. To survive in this competitive field, offer relevant, engaging and useful content to site visitors.
  • Links Coming from Poor Quality Sites. Getting a huge number of links from poor quality webpages will harm your site. Blog networks created solely for providing links have no place in today’s SEO. To get the most potential, use sites that are relevant to your niche. Make sure they are respectable and considered authoritative.
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SEO continues to evolve. Present practices may not be applicable in the future. But in the meantime, avoid irrelevant tactics and focus on metrics that matter.

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