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Set Up Your Outdoor Wedding

an outdoor wedding receptionWhen it comes to wedding catering, what often comes to mind is a grand dining hall with soothing lights to set the mood right and a couple of waiters in clean cut tuxedos. While this isn’t the complete image, everyone dreams of a wedding to remember. However, due to financial constraints, there’s always the need to play around with your finances and come up with alternatives that are equally mind blowing.

Get a Tent for Rent

A solution to the biggest dilemma of renting the right dining area lies in getting a couple of good tents. Tents are a piece of art. An experienced wedding tent rental service in St Paul, Minnesota will not only shelter your guests but also add a touch of class and elegance to your wedding day.

An inspiring outdoor catering design and idea using tents would blow away your guest without spending a fortune. Don’t spend hours struggling to make your outdoor space into a ballroom. Nature, creative lighting, and appropriate decor might be just what you need to set things right.

Remember to Retain Some Cohesion

If the actual wedding venue is different from the catering venue, you’ll have to spend some time making the two almost similar. The theme and general style must match seamlessly to make a cohesive mood and presentation.

Alternatively, you can have the program transition from a formal wedding theme into a casual picnic catering that involves changing from your tuxedos to something more casual. Whatever you do, ensure that everything fits into your wedding theme.

Hiring a reliable tent, furniture and décor contractor to handle all this is the first step in having a successful wedding. After all, it takes some experience to make a dream into reality, especially if you only have one shot at getting it right.

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