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Shop’s Lit: Your Short Guide to Lighting Up Your Shop

Example of Commercial Lighting in TampaHave you ever noticed the way lighting works in upscale malls, coffee shops, and fashion stores? If you observe closely, you’ll realize that other than the functional purpose of the lights, the visual merchandiser or interior designer leverages on the creative aspect of lighting to make the space more attractive. You may want to apply this principle to your business.

This may sound difficult, but all you need are research and some imagination.

Here are some tricks to help you out:

Use Lighting to Highlight Products

Start with the foundation, which is the functional lighting. Install plain lights in shelves to highlight the form and color of the product. But if you want to be more creative, install lights at the back of the shelves or install recessed lighting on their ceiling for accent purposes.

You may also use this technique to highlight the products in the display case or in stands behind your store’s windows. Use lit signs made by commercial lighting shops in Tampa to attract customers and point them where the products are.

Use Lighting to Create Center of Attraction

Your retail space is much more interesting if there is a center of attraction. This is normally a display or an installation where the best-sellers are placed. To emphasize this, you can use spot lights. They can also create an interesting contrast to highlight the products according to their significance.

Use Lighting to Create an Ambiance

The ambiance of your store will tell a lot about your brand. It also dictates how a customer will perceive your store. For an upscale feel, you may want to use bright, cool lights (but not the fluorescent type) to make your space look big. Complement the trick with a large mirror. If you’re running a coffee shop or a restaurant, use warm lights to create a cozy and inviting environment.

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Lighting up your retail shop or restaurant doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep these hacks in mind and you’ll do just fine.

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