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Skate All You Can When You Have Your Own Backyard Skatepark

skater doing a trick on skateboardThere’s not a lot of public skateparks in the country, which is why these facilities become packed to the brim most of the time. For many who’ve experienced this kind of disappointment, their next course of action is to build their own backyard skatepark.

Thanks to companies manufacturing skatepark essentials, you can now find whatever component you need to have your own skating haven. Get started on your planning, so you can practice your tricks all you want. Here’s a guide to help:


Ramps come in many forms — from quarter to half pipes, wedge to launch ramps, and wave to vert ramps. You might find it a little tricky to decide, so consider the ones where you would want to practice and perform tricks on. You should also factor your available backyard space. The good thing about quarter pipes is that you can combine two to create a half pipe, in case you want to upgrade in the future.


A skateboard grind rail is a must-have in your backyard skatepark. Like ramps and grind boxes, OC Ramps says that you’ll also find these in different types and styles. Feel free to choose from flat to round to a combination.

The flat ones are ideal for beginners, but once you’ve mastered your balance, you can move on to grinding on a round one. When buying grind rails, make sure you look at its construction and materials, as the last thing you want is to spend money on will easily bend or give out.

Grind boxes

You should also include a grind box on your list. Practicing on these can help hone your overall skateboarding skills. By spending enough time gliding through these boxes, you can improve your tricks such as nosegrinds, shoveouts, and salads.

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Building your own backyard skatepark is fun and exciting, but even more so when you use top-notch parts and components guaranteed to last you for many years.

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