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Smart Human Capital Management (HCM): How You Can Engage Multi-generational Employees

Meeting on how to engage multi-generational employeesMost work environments these days find themselves surrounded by five generations working side-by-side. This includes traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials or Generation Y, and Generation Z. Human resource companies in the Philippines can make the most of smart human capital management (HCM) to form compelling office atmospheres. This will make the workforce feel that they’re treated fair and are valued despite their generational gap, position, or work status.

The following are two touch points wherein good HCM technology tactic and integration can make a massive impact:


This is an area wherein user experience and technology play a crucial part in making sure that engagement efforts start on the right path. A new survey discovered that 20% of applicants tend to give up applying online if they cannot finish it on their mobile.

Developing the efficiency of the hiring procedure and user experience calms the demands placed on managers. It also guarantees that you find the best applicants in the process.

Performance Management

Performance management is the area that pushes commitment to the entire workforce. Managers would have to give employees constant feedback rather than the usual method of yearly reviews or when discipline is needed. Employees who know their current standing and identify whether their current responsibilities match business goals operate at a greater level and remain with the company longer.

HCM technology gives managers the right devices to offer nonstop reviews on staff responsibilities associated with goals and KPIs. It will also help handle compensation, endorse enduring performance development, and keep the management updated on their employees’ strengths and weaknesses to help them improve their skills.

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Even though the majority would approve with overviews, like generational buckets, yet these are only useful to a certain point. Having multi-generational employees can be a challenge, particularly with their array of different expectations and needs.

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