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SMS Marketing: Trends for the Win This 2017

SMS AdvertisingWhile some businesses have been using SMS advertising tactics for quite some time now, they’re going to be particularly huge this year and embraced by the public. It’s up to you to use them to your advantage.

Here are the top SMS marketing strategies to implement this 2017:


YouTube and Instagram superstars and other digital influencers are now going for the Text-to-Download tactic to better connect and engage with their audiences. Although e-mail would still be popular, you could also consider sending relevant information and downloads directly to your subscribers’ mobile phones. Send a message with a link to your web page or social media page, infographic, or video. This would make it easier for your subscribers than having to open up their e-mail accounts.

MMS Marketing on the Rise

Last year saw the rise of MMS marketing, along with the sudden popularity and share-ability power of memes and gifs. With easy yet powerful MMS capabilities, you could send short videos, graphics, and GIFs of your products or services. Keep in mind that the main thing to focus on this year is customer experience, one that’s relevant, pleasant, and easily navigable to your target market, and you could easily do that with MMS.

Mobile Coupons

This year, retailers would be giving out more mobile coupons to encourage enhanced interaction with promos. With this, you could direct your customers to your physical store and even use the fear of missing out (FOMO) marketing tactic to motivate customers to act now. You could send text messages to your customers with a countdown of your upcoming product releases or send them a message when one of their social media friends (who are also your subscribers) avails of one of your offers. The possibilities are limitless.

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It’s now up to you which trends you choose to follow — hint, you can do all — so you could provide subscribers with the best customer experience possible. Remember that with SMS marketing, as in all forms of marketing, whether traditional or digital, you only get what you put in.

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