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Start an IT Support Franchise Even If You Lack the Technical Skills

Teacher providing instructions to studentsThere are many possible franchise startups for budding entrepreneurs. Among the prominent franchises are those for IT, in various forms. However, there are several hindrances to starting one, which discourage many business-minded people.

One obstacle is the cost of training for an IT support franchise. Related to the training cost, there’s also a shortage of qualified technical personnel due to the lack of training.

The Training Dilemma

Companies want to hire people with job skills and experience. The job openings are meant to fill up positions for specific skills, which are only learned while on the job. This hinders those without skills and experience from getting hired. It’s also the same issue with IT support firms. People are reluctant to start a business where there’s a big dependence on a skilled technical workforce because of the lack of qualified personnel.

In-House Training

The advantage of a franchise business is the support and materials the franchisor provides. In most instances, they also provide the training. Franchisors understand that there’s a standard they need to maintain. To do that, they must ensure that the franchisees are all trained to do things properly. Franchisors must also provide manuals and other reading materials to keep the current staff up to date.

Students attending a lecture
The training programs may be costly. but are necessary. This is part of the organizational expenses and continuing commitment to staff development. While these are part of the capital expenses and manpower development costs of running the business. The training expenses include training fees, cost of training materials, travel and accommodation of attendees, or the trainer, wages of participants, productivity loss while the staff is on training, management time, and other administrative costs.

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For some entrepreneurs, it’s easier to find people and train them rather than recruit staff that already have the right set of skills. Training your support personnel and keeping them updated is a continuing expense to keep a technical support franchise competitive and able to provide excellent service.


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