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Start Counting: Customer Behavior and Traffic for Business Success

Customer Behavior Even with all the studies, you might never realize the true potential of your marketing idea unless you get it started. When it comes down to it, counting people visits is paramount. If you know how people behave, you can develop a distinct marketing advantage to dominate the competition.

Consumer Behavior is Key

For the most part, buying is a habit. The act of making a purchase — whether online or in a retail store — is innate. Knowing how distinct group of individuals behave when buying a product is one of the important aspects of marketing.

A key area, for instance, is determining the difference in shopping habits between men and women. Some companies analyzed the differences between these two market audiences. Ignoring such behavioral gap between men and women could be disastrous.

As the chairperson of the 2012 Predictive Analytics World conference Eric Siegel detailed, “We’re living through a golden age of behavioral research. It’s amazing how much we can figure out about how people think now.”

Knowing behavior patterns is a treasure trove for a true marketing professional. This is part of the reason counting people matters.

Getting Real

As a leading counting systems provider explains, actual numbers affirm the effectivity of a marketing campaign. Knowing exactly how much people visited your shop after you launched a promo will tell you how effective your marketing plan has been.

This is where a door counter system is most beneficial. With this type of system, you can lay down your actual numbers or customer traffic. In this sense, you get a more accurate picture of the movements of your potential market.

Moreover, this allows you to enhance your operational abilities. As head counts tell you which hour of day is most productive, you can adjust your staffing to cater to that particular hour.

This is great for retail stores of course, but let’s think outside the box.

For example, if as a dentist in Puyallup, SK Family Dental is able to know exactly how many people come into their office and how many people they actually see, thereby allowing them to see potential opportunity for family members to become new patients.

When you can tweak your marketing to gather more people, you are a step closer to getting more people to buy your products. It all starts with counting.

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