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Starting Small, Growing Big: The Way of the Microentrepreneur

Group of people having a meetingIf you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you must have heard some advice from established businesses on how to succeed in your chosen industry. They talk of competencies that successful businessmen possess, which budding entrepreneurs like you should strive to acquire. Beyond these essentials, there are other things which will help you on your way up:

Go out and find it

Many people have the money to invest and are waiting for the right opportunity to come. Don’t wait for it, as it might go the other way and you won’t see it. Go out and find it. When you do, grab it or somebody else will and you would be left waiting again.

Start small, but think big

If you have limited capital, start small but right. This is where a good business plan comes in — to help you design, set up, manage, and grow your business. Plan before you start, not later.

Balance aggression with prudence

Manage your finances wisely. With an acceptable level of risk and a reasonable degree of confidence, make the decision and pursue it. As an example, many businessmen find it practical to buy used office cubicles and other furniture while starting up to maximize the use of their limited capital.

Work hard, really hard

It’s not enough to be smart, as many others are smart. Complement it with hard work. Then you will be better off than those who are smart and nothing more.

Don’t give up

Even big businesses experienced failures, and that’s how they became stronger and wiser. Those who have not experienced failure will find it difficult to cope with them when they come, and they surely will.

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Business talks about money, and many people want it. Before venturing your hard-earned money into it, make sure you are prepared. Take up the competencies that successful businessmen possess and take on those valuable life lessons as well. They just might spell the difference in your case.

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